Reduce paper clutter by archiving your statements electronically. When you sign up for E-Statements you will begin accumulating an 18 month statement history. In addition, you will receive your bank statements faster as opposed to traditional mail.

Each month we will notify you via email, when your E-Statement is ready. At your convenience, you may securely log into NetTeller Online Banking to retrieve your statement where you can view, save, or print it. Your statement will essentially look the same and contain all of the same information as your current paper statement, including check images.

To enroll in E-Statements:

A. Log into your NetTeller account on the Bank’s website

B. Once logged in, click the tab for E-Statements.

C. On the E-Statement page, complete the following six steps for enrollment:

  1. Click “Details” to select the accounts for which you want to receive electronic statements.
  2. Verify email address.
  3. Type a security phrase. This is a word, number, or short phrase that will be displayed in the subject line of your statement notification email, proving the email is secure and from Escambia County Bank.
  4. Enter the enrollment pass code in the field immediately below. To see the pass code, select “Click Here”
  5. After reviewing the disclosure, place a check mark agreeing to the terms. You must actually scroll through the disclosure in order to be able to place the check mark. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat to display the document.
  6. Click “Enroll Now” and you are finished.

You will then be taken to your account page with a message that states “You have no documents available to view for this accounts”. Meanwhile, an email is sent to you (using your new security phrase) stating that a request for changes to your account has been made. No action is required in response to the email. If you have questions regarding E-Statement enrollment, please contact us at (251) 296-5356.

*You must be enrolled in NetTeller Online Banking to receive E-Statements.


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